OziExplorer Mouse Problem Fix

If you use OziExplorer and leave a serial or USB GPS receiver plugged in you have likely come across the problem of your mouse cursor suddenly having a life of its own, complete with random clicks, which always seem to occur at the most inconvenient times. Whether or not this also happens with Bluetooth receivers I don’t know. Continue reading

MySQL Backup Script

I store nearly all my important data, both business and personal in MySQL databases, so backing up those databases is extremely important. Here I’ll present a script to not only backup the databases but to compress and encrypt those backups as well. Continue reading

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MySQL Management Tools

If you have a need to manage MySQL databases and users you’ve either used phpMyAdmin, generally because that’s what most web hosting companies supply, MySQL’s own tools or you’ve tried some of the others floating about. Here are the tools I use and the reasons why.

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